Early Morning Sumo Practice Viewing and Chanko Hot Pot Lunch Tour

Watch the early morning practice of sumo wrestlers.
Enjoy watching close enough to heat their breathing.
And enjoy Chanko hot pot for lunch.



8:40am Ryogoku View Hotel – near 1st Floor Entrance

Early Morning Sumo Practice Viewing 60-  90min

Sumo Museum or Ryogoku Edo Noren

Lunch(Chanko Hot Pot)

12:30pm The tour ends at customers’ seats.




■Departure dates
JAN5-9,FEB7-20 MAY1-8 JUN6-19 AUG27-SEP4 OCT3-23

FEB10,17 JUN9,16,OCT6,13,20



■TOUR PRICES(Rate are per person  CA$):$162-


1.Depending on the circumstances at the sumo stable, the practice may be suddenly cancelled.
In this case, the tour will be cancelled, and a full refund of the booking charge will be issued.
2.Customers will be watching while seated on a zabuton (sitting cushion) on the floor.
3.Please note that no chairs will be provided, and standing during the experience is not allowed.
4.The National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter will not be giving information while practice is ongoing.
5.Children 11years of age and younger may not join this tour.

【Operating company:SUNRISE TOURS】



■Cancellation and Change Policy
9-4days prior to travel date: 50% of total amount for tours
3days prior to travel date: 100% of total amount for tours